Special Projects

In a nutshell, this is our department of what if…? It’s all about doing what hasn’t been done before. Or about helping businesses understand what needs to be done to bring their existing systems into the 21st Century.

It’s all about your business
Some people will try and sell you technology for technology’s sake. We prefer to talk about what digital can do for your business, full stop. If you’re currently at Point A, we want to understand the Point B you’re aiming for. Then we can show you ways in which digital can help you achieve those aims. Our solutions are all about harnessing the power of digital to make you money. Or save you money. Or, better still, both. Here are some examples.

What we do is measurable
This is critical to the relationships we build with clients. Our projects include a way for you to monitor the effectiveness of everything we do for you. When we say we’ll cut your costs or increase your profits, our results will include the answer to how much…?

The digital voyage is on-going
Some people create digital solutions such as apps and then just leave them to look after themselves. That’s a waste of investment. To keep performing well, digital solutions need careful tending. So that’s what we do as part of our service.

Sometimes our advice is to spend nothing
We’re often engaged to fill a knowledge gap. Recently, for example, a business came to us with a mobile app for a Virtual Learning Environment that wouldn’t do what its developer had said it would do. We took a look and our advice was to abandon the project. It was simply too flawed to develop. The client accepted our advice, and we worked with them to come up with a better approach, helping them save thousands. For an informal chat about the art of the digitally possible, contact us online or call the team on +44 (0) 161 408 6626.