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Your client’s CEO may be going to deliver an important keynote speech at a conference. Your biggest customer may be about to launch a groundbreaking new product. So as marketeers how do you capture the moment and make your client shine? How about using Digital Video?

Online video is gaining increasing significance. 4 billion hours of video are being watched each month on YouTube. Now is the right time for businesses, and in particular their marketing departments, to engage with the medium and establish an online video presence. Furthermore to get noticed, it is essential that all content is accompanied by high quality, dynamic Video Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); making your video stand out from the crowd.

It’s never been easier or more cost effective for companies to produce promotional and editorial online video, with services like YouTube and Vimeo leading the way and 3 Sheep is uniquely placed to offer full video production and online distribution services for our clients.

Our Video Production, Video Distribution and Video SEO services are used by our satisfied clients to promote products effectively, cover live events and deliver helpful video advice to potential customers.

Video Campaign Planning

Not sure where to start with a video campaign? 3 Sheep’s consultancy and bespoke Executive Digital Business Strategy Workshops provide the perfect foundation for organisations looking to branch out into digital media like video.

Video Production

Ready to make a video? Our presentation coaching, keyword rich script writing and video shooting skills will be the perfect match for marketing departments or agencies looking to convey a professional image via video. We also offer video animation services to accompany video footage and interviews.

3 Sheep Digital Video Marketing - YouTube Vimeo and Social Media Distribution and video SEO

Expert digital video distribution and video SEO services.
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Video Digital Distribution

Looking to distribute your video content more effectively? We have vast experience of distributing video digitally via channels like YouTube and Vimeo, embedding video on your company and affiliates websites and running carefully managed related Social Media campaigns on channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We carefully co-ordinate our distribution campaigns, where appropriate linking back to a central location like your company website with a clear call to action such as ‘buy now’, ‘call us now’ or ‘arrange an appointment now’. Distributing your video correctly will ensure the legacy of your conference or product launch continues way past the event itself.

Video Search SEO

Does your video need to be working harder for your business? 3 Sheep has a wealth of experience in Video Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the stuff that makes you discoverable and higher ranking on services such as Google. Our Video SEO services help identify Keywords, incorporating them into your video Titles, Descriptions, Tags, Transcripts, Captions and Playlists.

3 Sheep Hairdressing Video Tutor - Video Framework for iPhone

Video apps for business.
3 Sheep’s popular Hairdressing Video Tutor App.

Video Apps

Would you like to reach your audience while they are ‘on-the-go’ Mobile devices such as Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Tablets like the Apple iPad are becoming an increasingly popular way of viewing video. Traffic to YouTube from mobile devices tripled in 2011. 3 Sheep has a range of video app technology that your clients could use, online or offline, to view your video content.

Video Analytics

Would you like more Management Information about the audience for your video? The beauty of digital distribution is that in-depth statistics measuring the performance of your campaign can now provide you with detailed information about your potential clients.

Video Campaign Adjustment

Do you need expert advice to help maximise the benefit of existing video campaigns. By using the latest distribution, video SEO and Analytics technology, we can advise on adjusting your campaign to maximise it’s coverage.

Your Video’s Lasting Impact

With 800 million unique users visiting YouTube each month and 100 million people taking a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week, commissioning 3 Sheep to produce and distribute your video content effectively will enable you to gain a distinct advantage against less agile competitors. Partnering with us, experts in the field of Video Production, Video Digital Distribution and Video SEO, will help you produce tangible leads, results and sales.

To find out more about how our Digital Video Marketing services could be applied to your marketing campaign, contact us online or call the team on +44 (0) 161 408 6626.

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*All statistics courtesy of YouTube Press Statistics

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