App Development

We talk to a lot of businesses. And often we see patterns developing. Objectives shared by many companies that would be achieved by the right use of digital. Then we lock ourselves away, put on our international award-winning research hats, and develop it. Each time we emerge into the daylight, we have another bag of benefits on offer. We can then adapt those ideas to the needs of individual businesses.

Here are some examples:

Communicating your event
If you have an event, anything from a corporate conference, to a band gig, to an arts festival, we have just the mobile app you need. Mobile users can then see footage of what you’re offering, get event details and even get tickets via the same app. Digital rocks, as they say.

Education, education, education
Digital does learning brilliantly. Through our app you can run instructional videos, plus fun stuff like learning quizzes and places for individuals to record their learning experiences on video. Wherever people need to learn something, this app has a place. From kids in a museum, to heating engineers out on the road, the commercial applications are obvious.

If you want to see an example of it action then get it free from the iPhone store app now.

A tour guide in your hand
Another big opportunity waiting for digitally clued-up organisations. Points of interest around a town, city or at a heritage site can come to life in video as well as text on any smartphone. Art trails, shopping trails, pub trails…just add your own ideas.