Web TV

How will your website perform on TV? What are the pitfalls you have to avoid? How do you make the most of the big screen opportunity? Web TV is just around the corner. Don’t let your competitors get there before you.

The Next Big Thing is already happening
Everywhere, the web is breaking free of laptop and desktop computers. Very soon now, a full range of web services will be available on the biggest screen in the home, the television. Will your website be ready to deal with the way people will want to use Web TV?

Websites must fit platforms, not the other way around
Gone are the days when we developed one website for use on one platform: the desktop computer. Web TV is just one example of how websites must now be ready to travel into new dimensions. Another is the mobile phone. Did you know that a fifth of UK internet users now use them exclusively to access the web – and is your site ready to welcome them?

Time for businesses to think differently
We’re already developing systems to deliver digital video and web across all platforms. Systems that can deliver your website to desktop and laptop computers in one way, and to Web TV in another. And, of course, a different way again to smartphones with their much-smaller screens.

It’s all about protecting and projecting your identity in this new space and keeping it coherent. About making sure the visitor experience is always a good one. And it’s about being ready for your next era of business growth. We’d love to tell you more. So why not contact us online or call the team on +44 (0) 161 408 6626.