Unfair to Androids

Business access anywhere
The iPhone accounts for the largest share (about 25%) of the apps market, but other smartphones including Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows phones and Nokia are all now making big inroads. Is your site capable of working properly on them all? Or, for that matter, does it perform as well as it should on an iPhone? If you’re not offering true cross-platform access to your site, then a noticeable percentage of your prospective customers simply won’t be able to visit it.

The end of unproductive digital
The digital environment is fragmented and unproductive for many companies. 3 Sheep are challenging this waste of resources, ensuring that companies get the best value from their digital presence. We work with clients to ensure that they’re reaching customers properly, regardless of the device people choose to use.

Our results prove our methods
For one client we boosted customer contact by 1200%. Here’s how we did it.

We’ve reduced business processes from 3 days to 3 minutes. Find out how.

We’ve sold out events in 10 days. Here’s the story.

Get the inside story at a 3 Sheep seminar
Our seminars will help you understand how digital can transform your business, both making and saving you money. No techno-babble or jargon, we promise. Just plain English solutions for senior managers who want to get their digital opportunities under proper control. For details contact us online or call the team on +44 (0) 161 408 6626.