Mobile Payments

Imagine offering a ‘digital tab’ to your customers – an ordering and automated payment service directed to a credit card – all operated entirely by text. It’s convenient for customers, and great for business. We know, because we’ve done it.

Money is increasingly digital

This is changing the way people think about everyday transactions. With systems like a brilliant new ‘digital tab’, 3 Sheep is helping its clients provide super-easy ways for customers to make regular purchases, simply by texting. The system is updated with their order, and their payments are taken automatically.

Low cost business expansion

Offering customers a ‘digital tab’ opens up a new stream of revenue, at a tiny fraction of the cost of operating the same service using humans. And, what’s more, all the benefits are measurable. To see how, contact us online or call the team on +44 (0) 161 408 6626.