Making Digital Work

3 Sheep seminars put senior managers back in control

Ever get the feeling that people around you are making digital decisions that have no commercial basis? You could well be right. Our seminars will sort out fact from fantasy – helping you to engage with what’s available and understand how digital should be applied to support real business objectives to make you money, save you money, or both.

The real digital story
Our seminar programme is exclusively for executives, decision-makers and business leaders. Using real case studies and real statistics we’ll explore the case for digital and help you understand how it can be applied to different business situations. The seminar explores how digital can save money whether your audience is business, the consumer, or both – and how profits can be increased.
Decision making, made easy
At the end of a 3 Sheep seminar you’ll be equipped with a decision-making toolkit that helps you understand the current and future business significance of:

  • The web
  • The internet
  • Mobile devices
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile web apps
  • Web apps (highly developed websites)
  • Web TV

Understand digital fully, before your competitors do
Today, simply having a website that can be accessed by a laptop or desktop computer isn’t enough. For example, is your site properly set up for the fifth of internet users who access it only by mobile phone? For many businesses, the battle for future growth will be won or lost on the digital front. Our seminars will give you the ammunition you need.

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