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Adobe Edge Animate Swapping Image Types

[youtube id=”igcCDaCYvdQ”] Adobe Edge Animate allows the use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) in HTML5 animations. This is great because SVGs can really help reduce the file size of complex animations. Unfortunately, sometimes the servers designers and developers have to work with will not allow SVG files so you have to swap them out to […]

The Scarecrow, TruMove and Content Marketing

Increasingly Digital Marketing is less about the technology and more about the message. It is no longer simply enough to have an app or digital video on YouTube; what value does it add for the end-user? Does it inform? Entertain? Mesmerise? How brands are using content for marketing is now stretching into territories, which until […]

Vine, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Business

It is funny just how many Executives do not like having their picture taken. Not all, some jump in front of the camera the first chance they get, but many are genuinely camera-shy. Even more so if you mention the dreaded phrase ‘may I just get a short video clip of you?’. Within recent years […]

Case Study: Promotional Video Production and Distribution

3 Sheep are proud to have partnered with healthcare technology innovators Aida Technology, creating a promotional video for their FusedHealth product, which was used in a funding competition. Aida Technology approached 3 Sheep to create an engaging promotional video and also to digitally distribute the film to maximise its exposure online ahead of the investment […]

Podcast – 7 Signs of a Healthy Company Website

Is your website working as hard as it could be for your organisation? Give your company’s website a 7 point health check by listening to the advice in this FREE podcast from 3 Sheep’s Operations Manager, Dave Graves. A healthy modern website is characterised by a clear call to action, email list sign up, multimedia […]

7 Signs of a Healthy Company Website

Manchester Sharp Project Member 3 Sheep Ltd is a Go ON UK Supporter and Digital Champion

How easy is it to discover your company’s website? How could your website better engage your potential customers? How could your website be working harder to generate more leads or clients? At 3 Sheep, we believe all businesses should ask questions like this about their online presence because a healthy, modern website is an invaluable, […]

5 Ways Video is Good for Your Website

A 3 Sheep Client's promotional video playing on an iPad.

At 3 Sheep we have a wealth of experience in the production and online distribution of video for our clients. It’s never been easier or more cost effective for companies to produce promotional and editorial online video, with services like YouTube and Vimeo leading the way. Given that over 4 billion hours of video are […]