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Are You Being Talked About?

“…for there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” (Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde). After scaring the bejesus out of his followers late last year by considering leaving Twitter Stephen Fry, the national treasure, announced a hiatus at the start of […]

Mobile Web – Seize the Day

Mitchell Baker chair of Mozilla (makers of Firefox amongst other products) is giving a call to arms for mobile web development (BBC report). He feels that the same functionality should be available to the device in our pockets as well those computers we use on the desk or lap. With around 4 billion handsets worldwide […]

Business Blogging

Increasingly businesses are using ‘blogs’. A Blog is essentially an online publishing tool. It was used originally by commentators to publish their views on various websites but the tool has outgrown it’s origins and their blogs on just about every topic written in a variety of styles. Can blogging work for a business though? Clearly […]

Web Trinity: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and all that

Microsoft are currently trying to buy Yahoo. The once dominate Web giant has lost ground to Google in recent years and Microsoft does not have the same Web profile as it does in the desktop and office software markets. For companies like Google, Web based applications represents their next revenue stream. Google and a raft […]

Virtual Teams and Boat Races

BBC Radio 4’s In Business (7 February) considered the “mysteries of teamwork”, with a strong emphasis on the social structure of teams within the workplace. It also considered how individuals can be competitive, in terms of personal progression and also collaborative. Professor Gratton at The London Business School looked at how often the best innovative […]