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Tizen Smartphones for Christmas?

What are you getting for Christmas? Chances are it won’t be a Tizen mobile phone or tablet, not this year anyway. But what is Tizen and more importantly why should you care or be vaguely interested? Tizen is an Open Source Operating System based on Linux and it is designed to run on a variety […]

Remote working – Yahoo v Vodaphone

3 Sheep Surveyor. Embracign Technology in Business

When Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer was recently reported to have questioned the merits of home working, fuel was poured on the debate questioning how effective workers can be outside of the office environment. The fire was then stoked further when Vodaphone also waded into the debate taking the contrary view, advocating mobile working. Of course […]

5 Things for Businesses to Consider About Windows 8

3 Sheep Review Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has taken a huge gamble by re-imagining the Windows computer interface. The attractive looking new tile-based start menu and full screen apps are a massive departure from previous versions and the established user experience, giving desktop, tablet and mobile functionality from one operating system. So what should business […]

Screencast: Windows 8 Start Screen Tips

At 3 Sheep we’ve spent some time now using Windows 8 on a traditional desktop computer. Perhaps the most obvious new feature of Windows 8 is its very modern looking Start screen, which as its name suggests is the starting point for all Windows 8 based activities. Watch our short screencast to discover some of […]

Your Business Case for Windows 8

3 Sheep Review Windows 8

At 3 Sheep we’ve been using Microsoft Windows 8 in a work environment since its recent launch, predominantly in a traditional desktop computer environment, to reflect the usage patterns of some of our clients. Microsoft has made a lot of Windows 8’s touch screen and mobile virtues, but it does of course still work in […]

What’s your Snow Day Strategy?

It’s been snowing in the UK. More is forecast. When this happens sooner or later in any conversation you will hear just how ill prepared we are for it and for many businesses and organisations productivity comes to a halt and days are lost. Snow, ice, windy – bad weather changes things, the travel plans […]