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Making Social Media Work

Social Media networks dominate Digital Marketing. Facebook has 1.19 billion monthly active users and Twitter has 100 million users a day. The shift in digital marketing is increasingly from companies broadcasting messages to engaging in conversations with customers (and potential customers) and producing value add content to entertain and inform followers on networks such as […]

Social Media Masterclass Tips

I was fortunate this week to be a guest panelist and speaker at The University of Manchester Innovation Centre’s Social Media Masterclass. I shared a platform with Elizabeth Clark from Dream Agility, Annie Bannister from Internet marketing consultancy WSI and Anita Greenhill from Manchester Business School. We explored the current state of social media and […]

The Value of Social Networks

The announcement today of ITV selling Friends Reunited for a small fraction of the price it was purchased for should give anyone involved in the development or delivery of web based services pause for thought. The web has a tendency to create a massive short lived buzz around a service and then without a moments […]