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Remote working – Yahoo v Vodaphone

3 Sheep Surveyor. Embracign Technology in Business

When Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer was recently reported to have questioned the merits of home working, fuel was poured on the debate questioning how effective workers can be outside of the office environment. The fire was then stoked further when Vodaphone also waded into the debate taking the contrary view, advocating mobile working. Of course […]

No Chance to Stand Still – changes in the Mobile Industry

It never stands still in the digital world. Each week, day, sometimes every hour brings out new announcements of exciting new technologies that often promise to transform our personal lives, businesses, schools and infrastructure. There is no doubt that we all live in times of tremendous change and that is exciting. Every so often there […]

What’s your Snow Day Strategy?

It’s been snowing in the UK. More is forecast. When this happens sooner or later in any conversation you will hear just how ill prepared we are for it and for many businesses and organisations productivity comes to a halt and days are lost. Snow, ice, windy – bad weather changes things, the travel plans […]