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Vine, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Business

It is funny just how many Executives do not like having their picture taken. Not all, some jump in front of the camera the first chance they get, but many are genuinely camera-shy. Even more so if you mention the dreaded phrase ‘may I just get a short video clip of you?’. Within recent years […]

Getting Strategic About Digital

3 Sheep is running a Digital Strategy for Business seminar on the 9th June at Manchester Business School. This morning workshop begins at 10.00 am and ends with a networking lunch until 12.30pm. Attendees will get the chance to better understand the digital ecosystem and to consider where technology like Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone and […]

What’s your Snow Day Strategy?

It’s been snowing in the UK. More is forecast. When this happens sooner or later in any conversation you will hear just how ill prepared we are for it and for many businesses and organisations productivity comes to a halt and days are lost. Snow, ice, windy – bad weather changes things, the travel plans […]

VAT Check Tool

The new UK VAT rate becomes effective today and to mark the occasion 3 Sheep has put together a FREE VAT checking tool to help those trying to make the most effective spending decisions during the credit crunch. The tool takes the price (including VAT) and allows you to check the old and new VAT […]

Business Blogging

Increasingly businesses are using ‘blogs’. A Blog is essentially an online publishing tool. It was used originally by commentators to publish their views on various websites but the tool has outgrown it’s origins and their blogs on just about every topic written in a variety of styles. Can blogging work for a business though? Clearly […]