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Tizen Smartphones for Christmas?

What are you getting for Christmas? Chances are it won’t be a Tizen mobile phone or tablet, not this year anyway. But what is Tizen and more importantly why should you care or be vaguely interested? Tizen is an Open Source Operating System based on Linux and it is designed to run on a variety […]

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Manchester Sharp Project Member 3 Sheep Ltd is a Go ON UK Supporter and Digital Champion

Businesses are increasingly looking to Digital Marketing as a key way of communicating with customers as more and more people have access to high-speed Internet, Smartphones and Tablet Devices. But what does ‘Digital Marketing’ actually mean? UK businesses are currently losing £63 billion in revenue because they do not have an effective Digital Marketing Strategy. […]

Insider Digital Breakfast Business Recipe

Panelists at Insider Digital Breakfast

7.30am on a bright sunny Manchester morning and the room is packed with a vibrancy. The Insider Digital Breakfast has pulled a hungry to learn crowd. Digital Business is increasingly a hot topic. Governments across the world want their economies to be digitally driven. Today’s event gave some good examples of what that can mean […]

Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Apps Strategically in Business

3 Sheep are proud to announce the launch of their new Executive Digital Business Strategy Workshop, taking your organisation’s senior executives and managers through the world of Apps, Social Media and other Internet technologies, from a business perspective. Technology charity Go ON UK, chaired the Government’s UK Digital Champion,  Martha Lane Fox, recently published a […]

Case Study: Expert Digital Marketing Production

3 Sheep are proud to have partnered with Manchester Creative and Media Academy (MCMA),  creating a school mobile phone app and undertaking digital marketing tasks for the App’s launch. MCMA is a progressive and tech savvy school that recently moved to new £38m building and at the same time embarked on a digital strategy, aligning […]

Social Media Masterclass Tips

I was fortunate this week to be a guest panelist and speaker at The University of Manchester Innovation Centre’s Social Media Masterclass. I shared a platform with Elizabeth Clark from Dream Agility, Annie Bannister from Internet marketing consultancy WSI and Anita Greenhill from Manchester Business School. We explored the current state of social media and […]

Reality TV – The Digital Reality

The new E4 reality show Desperate Scousewives is a fascinating spectacle. Whether reality TV is your thing or not, this show exemplifies how TV is no longer just about the show but the digital package that goes with it to create a phenomenon. Social networking channels were very active before, during and after the show […]