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The Scarecrow, TruMove and Content Marketing

Increasingly Digital Marketing is less about the technology and more about the message. It is no longer simply enough to have an app or digital video on YouTube; what value does it add for the end-user? Does it inform? Entertain? Mesmerise? How brands are using content for marketing is now stretching into territories, which until […]

5 Ways Video is Good for Your Website

A 3 Sheep Client's promotional video playing on an iPad.

At 3 Sheep we have a wealth of experience in the production and online distribution of video for our clients. It’s never been easier or more cost effective for companies to produce promotional and editorial online video, with services like YouTube and Vimeo leading the way. Given that over 4 billion hours of video are […]

How to configure FaceTime correctly

3 Sheep - How to Configure FaceTime correctly

Tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly affordable as business tools and more companies are adopting Bring your Own Device (BYOD) strategies in the workplace. One way mobile technology could help save your business time and money is by using the video conferencing capabilities of your employee’s devices. Conducting virtual meetings using tools such as Apple […]

How to Set Up iMessage on Multiple Devices

If you’ve been lucky enough to get an additional Apple device such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone or MacBook for Christmas, then the increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work strategies means that this week, you may well be using your devices productively for the first time. Apple iMessage can be a […]

Does Instagram Own You?

3 Sheep Blog - Does Instagram Own You?

UPDATE: Since writing this article, Co-Founder, Kevin Systrom, has attempted to clarify Instagram’s position with regards to their new terms and conditions in a blog post, promising that Instagram are ‘listening’ to their users. We wait to see if concerns raised by users will result in a further revision of their terms and condition. Instagram has […]

Configuring iMessage on Multiple Apple Devices

3 Sheep Apple iMessage Configuration Help

With the growth of mobile and Smartphone devices, like many other people I now find myself using more than one Apple device in ‘anger’ on a daily basis. Recently, while enjoying the benefits of having iMessage on three Apple devices simultaneously, my experience was that I did not always see all sent and received messages […]

Apple blocking innovation outside the USA

3 Sheep iPhone App Developers

Is it harder to innovate outside of the USA? There has been a lot of discussion lately about recent changes to Apple’s iOS and how they are affecting both developers and users of their devices. There is however another issue that has been interfering with innovation on the platform ever since the inception of the […]

No Chance to Stand Still – changes in the Mobile Industry

It never stands still in the digital world. Each week, day, sometimes every hour brings out new announcements of exciting new technologies that often promise to transform our personal lives, businesses, schools and infrastructure. There is no doubt that we all live in times of tremendous change and that is exciting. Every so often there […]