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Vine, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Business

It is funny just how many Executives do not like having their picture taken. Not all, some jump in front of the camera the first chance they get, but many are genuinely camera-shy. Even more so if you mention the dreaded phrase ‘may I just get a short video clip of you?’. Within recent years […]

Omnichannel Retail Coming to Your Town

Omnichannel Retail

The UK retail economy remains stuck without growth and with inflation rising to 2.7% that stagnation is taking its toll. The High Street has been particularly hit hard. News accounts remind us that town centres without free parking cannot compete with the out of town centres. The increasing number of empty shops puts off consumers […]

The Year of the Digital Games

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With the London 2012 Olympic Games starting imminently, we can expect to see sporting history being made and we also stand on the edge new digital milestones too. Social Media will be at the forefront this summer’s sporting events. A casual search for international sports stars on Twitter gives us, the general public, unfettered and […]

Digital Made Physical

The recent destructive riots across the UK have painted a graphic picture of how we increasingly use digital technologies to mobilise and facilitate physical action. There has been much negative comment press seeking to turn popular social networking and video channels into digital pariahs, mobilising the destruction of society. Of course in reality, this view […]

The Value of Social Networks

The announcement today of ITV selling Friends Reunited for a small fraction of the price it was purchased for should give anyone involved in the development or delivery of web based services pause for thought. The web has a tendency to create a massive short lived buzz around a service and then without a moments […]

Spartacus Learning

I am on a train, as I write this, heading back from the Mimas (The University of Manchester) Mobile Learning – Telling Tales event at the University of Westminster. I’ve had time to have a great conversation with Graham Brown-Martin, Carl Smith and Sara Wingate Gray after the event. One of those great post-conference chats […]