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Vine, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Business

It is funny just how many Executives do not like having their picture taken. Not all, some jump in front of the camera the first chance they get, but many are genuinely camera-shy. Even more so if you mention the dreaded phrase ‘may I just get a short video clip of you?’. Within recent years […]

Omnichannel Retail Coming to Your Town

Omnichannel Retail

The UK retail economy remains stuck without growth and with inflation rising to 2.7% that stagnation is taking its toll. The High Street has been particularly hit hard. News accounts remind us that town centres without free parking cannot compete with the out of town centres. The increasing number of empty shops puts off consumers […]

Insider Digital Breakfast Business Recipe

Panelists at Insider Digital Breakfast

7.30am on a bright sunny Manchester morning and the room is packed with a vibrancy. The Insider Digital Breakfast has pulled a hungry to learn crowd. Digital Business is increasingly a hot topic. Governments across the world want their economies to be digitally driven. Today’s event gave some good examples of what that can mean […]

A lost £63bn – The UK’s Digital Economy Scandal

In the last 3 Sheep Executive Digital Briefing we highlighted how around around 14% of UK businesses are still not using digital technologies, according to the Martha Lane Fox chaired Digital Charity, Go ON UK. This lack of engagement is consequently losing the UK economy about £63 billion in revenue. The big issue is that […]

Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Apps Strategically in Business

3 Sheep are proud to announce the launch of their new Executive Digital Business Strategy Workshop, taking your organisation’s senior executives and managers through the world of Apps, Social Media and other Internet technologies, from a business perspective. Technology charity Go ON UK, chaired the Government’s UK Digital Champion,  Martha Lane Fox, recently published a […]

Case Study: Promotional Video Production and Distribution

3 Sheep are proud to have partnered with healthcare technology innovators Aida Technology, creating a promotional video for their FusedHealth product, which was used in a funding competition. Aida Technology approached 3 Sheep to create an engaging promotional video and also to digitally distribute the film to maximise its exposure online ahead of the investment […]

Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in Business Part 2

In Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in Business Part 1, we looked at the ‘Big Three’ players in the enterprise Social Media space, identifying their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Harnessed correctly, Social Media is a cost effective way of: Marketing products and services. Researching industry and wider trends and fashions. Sharing knowledge. Supporting clients. Connecting […]

Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for Business Part 1

The Enterprise Social Media ‘Big Three’ Businesses are increasingly recognising that Social Media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are essential tools for connecting with prospective customers because that is where people ‘are’. Yes, social media channels broadcast their fair share of videos of dogs on skateboards and images of ‘smartphone sunsets’, but this […]