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Small Business Blogging Tips for SEO

[youtube id=”EZiOWzPi85o”] Tips for a Small Business seeking to develop a Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Blog for Marketing. Areas covered: What is Blogging? What is SEO? Blog Titles and Keywords Opening Blog posts Keeping to the point Using images Using Social Media Measuring success         Presented by 3 Sheep Ltd founder and […]

3 Sheep Digital Champions for Go ON Manchester

3 Sheep Ltd are pleased to announce they are Digital Champions for Go ON Manchester, supporting the wider Go ON UK initiative to turn the UK into a global digital leader. Chaired by the Government’s UK Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, Go ON UK recently commissioned a report highlighting the potential impact of £63 billion […]

How to configure FaceTime correctly

3 Sheep - How to Configure FaceTime correctly

Tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly affordable as business tools and more companies are adopting Bring your Own Device (BYOD) strategies in the workplace. One way mobile technology could help save your business time and money is by using the video conferencing capabilities of your employee’s devices. Conducting virtual meetings using tools such as Apple […]

What to Consider When Buying a New TV

Larry Dyde, Associate Techinical Director, 3 Sheep

In recent years, there has been a revolution in the world of television. Sets are getting smarter, laden with features and have displays that are becoming thinner and sharper. We have seen the growth of service providers offering us a range and viewing, recording and catch up services. We may also now require our TV […]

How to Set Up iMessage on Multiple Devices

If you’ve been lucky enough to get an additional Apple device such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone or MacBook for Christmas, then the increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work strategies means that this week, you may well be using your devices productively for the first time. Apple iMessage can be a […]

Configuring iMessage on Multiple Apple Devices

3 Sheep Apple iMessage Configuration Help

With the growth of mobile and Smartphone devices, like many other people I now find myself using more than one Apple device in ‘anger’ on a daily basis. Recently, while enjoying the benefits of having iMessage on three Apple devices simultaneously, my experience was that I did not always see all sent and received messages […]

Screencast: Windows 8 Start Screen Tips

At 3 Sheep we’ve spent some time now using Windows 8 on a traditional desktop computer. Perhaps the most obvious new feature of Windows 8 is its very modern looking Start screen, which as its name suggests is the starting point for all Windows 8 based activities. Watch our short screencast to discover some of […]