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How to Set Up iMessage on Multiple Devices

If you’ve been lucky enough to get an additional Apple device such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone or MacBook for Christmas, then the increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work strategies means that this week, you may well be using your devices productively for the first time. Apple iMessage can be a […]

Does Instagram Own You?

3 Sheep Blog - Does Instagram Own You?

UPDATE: Since writing this article, Co-Founder, Kevin Systrom, has attempted to clarify Instagram’s position with regards to their new terms and conditions in a blog post, promising that Instagram are ‘listening’ to their users. We wait to see if concerns raised by users will result in a further revision of their terms and condition. Instagram has […]

Configuring iMessage on Multiple Apple Devices

3 Sheep Apple iMessage Configuration Help

With the growth of mobile and Smartphone devices, like many other people I now find myself using more than one Apple device in ‘anger’ on a daily basis. Recently, while enjoying the benefits of having iMessage on three Apple devices simultaneously, my experience was that I did not always see all sent and received messages […]

Screencast: Windows 8 Start Screen Tips

At 3 Sheep we’ve spent some time now using Windows 8 on a traditional desktop computer. Perhaps the most obvious new feature of Windows 8 is its very modern looking Start screen, which as its name suggests is the starting point for all Windows 8 based activities. Watch our short screencast to discover some of […]

5 First Steps for Embarking on a Digital Strategy

Embracing Technology for Business with 3 Sheep

Technology charity Go ON UK, chaired the Government’s UK Digital Champion,  Martha Lane Fox, has published a report it commissioned into digital literacy in the UK. The report was alarming but highlights many opportunities in equal measure. BBC analysis highlighted that ‘the report estimates that only one third of small and medium-sized companies in the […]

Your Business Case for Windows 8

3 Sheep Review Windows 8

At 3 Sheep we’ve been using Microsoft Windows 8 in a work environment since its recent launch, predominantly in a traditional desktop computer environment, to reflect the usage patterns of some of our clients. Microsoft has made a lot of Windows 8’s touch screen and mobile virtues, but it does of course still work in […]

Disasters in Social Media

The recovery from the terrible disaster of Hurricane Sandy that recently hit the US Eastern coast is barely underway but already several brands have managed to create Social Media disasters in its wake. Among those that have cack-handedly tried to use the disaster and Social Media for direct sales are well-known brands: Gap – Twitter […]

Embracing Mobile Technology

A recent report commissioned by Property Week highlighted the need for business decision makers to embrace new technologies in their companies if they want to survive. Over the last 5 years the emergence of cloud computing, social media, the consumer tablet and smartphone device phenomenon and the increasing availability of mobile connectivity, have all changed […]

What’s your Snow Day Strategy?

It’s been snowing in the UK. More is forecast. When this happens sooner or later in any conversation you will hear just how ill prepared we are for it and for many businesses and organisations productivity comes to a halt and days are lost. Snow, ice, windy – bad weather changes things, the travel plans […]