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Credit Crunch Boost

Times are changing for business. Consumer confidence is shaken and forecasts are down. Prices such as oil seem to be spiralling out of control. Is there anyway new web and mobile technologies can help business beat the crunch? Absolutely. Mobile and web technology has been rapidly improving in recent years. Emails have virtually replaced post […]

Business Blogging

Increasingly businesses are using ‘blogs’. A Blog is essentially an online publishing tool. It was used originally by commentators to publish their views on various websites but the tool has outgrown it’s origins and their blogs on just about every topic written in a variety of styles. Can blogging work for a business though? Clearly […]

Virtual Teams and Boat Races

BBC Radio 4’s In Business (7 February) considered the “mysteries of teamwork”, with a strong emphasis on the social structure of teams within the workplace. It also considered how individuals can be competitive, in terms of personal progression and also collaborative. Professor Gratton at The London Business School looked at how often the best innovative […]

New Learning Blog Launched

Stuart Smith, 3 Sheep consultant has launched new blog aimed at the educational sector entitled ‘Anywhere Learning’. The new blog will look at issues concerning Mobile Web and Web 2.0 technologies and their impact on the sector. 3 Sheep offers a range of services to educational sectors and any followers of the new Blog wishing […]

Digital Savages

Building on from musings and criticisms about Marc Prensky’s ‘Digital Native and Immigrant’ labels. I want to put forward that we are taking the risk of creating ‘Digital Savages’. Digital Savages are enthusiastic about taking up new technology but have no idea about how to manage it. A digital savage is the manager who always […]