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Programmers – sort your rights?

A new ruling from the UK asserted a software developers rights to copyright even though they were not contractually asserted. The write up in Out-Law summarises that essentially in UK law copyright exists with the author unless an agreement exists to the contrary. The case shows how much confusion exists about licencing and software and […]

Yahoo Pipes

I’ve now started looking at Yahoo Pipes and must admit the potential is kind of fun. For those who don’t know Yahoo Pipes allows you to bring different RSS feeds (aka News Feeds, XML feeds and all manner of things:) together and apply them to things like Maps etc.. Why would anyone want to do […]

Review – Mobi Site Galore

I have been playing around with the dotmobi site builder tool, which is intended to quickly create a ‘mobile standards’ compliant website. The dotmobi approach is interesting because they seem to strongly push a made for the mobile web approach. It’s interesting to compare this attitude to the Nokia and Opera Mini approaches of late, […]

When Worlds Collide*

This is a really useful link for anyone trying to get Activesync and Bluetooth working on Parallels (using Windows XP) on an Intel Mac by Chez Mattiouz. I’ve done a big trawl of the web and short buying more software Parallels (or similar) is the most versatile way to use a Windows Mobile device with […]

The Road Not Taken*

Mobile phones are becoming great little gadgets. My Sony Ericsson W810i has a reasonable snapshop camera and decent MP3 capabilities, as well as some good games to occupy times waiting for a train. The movie playing capabilities are pretty poor but it’s a small gripe for now as it doesn’t really have the memory or […]

Not waving but drowning*

So I am sitting here listening to one of wife’s Pentangle CDs, it’s pretty chilled and a gorgeous Spring (it might be summer) day and I wondering about this whole mobile revolution. Part of my job and in all geeky truth I find it interesting is to investigate these things. So on this great day […]

The problem with mobiles

Following @media (a great conference) and Cameron Molls presentation Mobile Web Design. I got to wondering, why is the mobile web so slow to take off? Why? I think there are two main reasons Inconsistent user experience. Not only does each mobile handset handle the web differently, each operator bastardises the phone to their own […]