Making Social Media Work

Social Media networks dominate Digital Marketing. Facebook has 1.19 billion monthly active users and Twitter has 100 million users a day. The shift in digital marketing is increasingly from companies broadcasting messages to engaging in conversations with customers (and potential customers) and producing value add content to entertain and inform followers on networks such as a Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and many more.

This free 2 hour seminar will help business decision makers decide the best way to use Social Media for marketing.

The Seminar is being made freely available thanks to the help of Manchester City Council through the Go On Digital Manchester programme. This programme has been set-up as part of a national scheme to help businesses and individuals get increased value through a better understanding of Digital Technology. The Seminar is being delivered by Stuart Smith, Founder and Chief Shepherd of 3 Sheep Ltd. 3 Sheep is a Manchester based Digital Design and Development company which came out of international award winning digital research and development at The University of Manchester. 3 Sheep has worked with many businesses to help solve digital marketing problems and enjoy the benefits of the new technologies such as Social Media.

The seminar will be interactive with plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions. Key areas that will be covered include:

  • The Social Media Landscape
  • Strategies and Tactics in Social Media
  • Engaging the User in Social Media
  • Brand Management in Social Media
  • Social Media Risks
  • Who should ‘own’ Social Media in a business
  • Measuring the effectiveness of a Social Media Campaign

*Caveat – This is not a legal seminar and you should always seek advice from a qualified lawyer on Intellectual Property and contractual and legislation related issues.

Attendees can expect to come away with a strategic understanding to help them better guide their business into making the best decisions to exploit the marketing opportunities Social Media technologies are creating.

About the Seminar Presenter

Stuart Smith Founder and Chief Shepherd 3 Sheep

Stuart Smith is the Founder and Chief Shepherd of 3 Sheep Ltd. 3 Sheep is a Digital Production, Design and Development Agency based in Manchester, UK. The company works with businesses to create integrated Digital Solutions involving Web, App, Video and Social Media technologies to create a holistic cross-platform marketing message for clients. Stuart founded 3 Sheep following international award winning research and development into Digital Technologies at The University of Manchester.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Executives (CEO, Managing Directors etc) or actively involved Business Owners / Founders. This seminar is about using Social Media to support key business objectives it is not a technical presentation. To apply for one of the places on this free Digital Marketing seminar, complete the form. Please note acceptance is not automatic you must meet the criteria described below. Businesses may only send one representative to the seminar. Existing companies or agencies already delivering Social Media services and students are not eligible to attend.

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