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Stuart Smith with James Caan

Clearly 3 Sheep’s Chief Shepherd Stuart Smith is not camera shy. Here he is ex-Dragons Den James Cann

It is funny just how many Executives do not like having their picture taken. Not all, some jump in front of the camera the first chance they get, but many are genuinely camera-shy. Even more so if you mention the dreaded phrase ‘may I just get a short video clip of you?’.

Within recent years the Internet has exploded with multimedia content. Services like Flickr for images and YouTube for video are both well-known. There are also the rising stars of Vine with its 6 seconds of instant video recording, which has now been emulated by the Facebook owned Instagram (brought for $1 billion). Service such as Tumblr (brought by Yahoo for $1.1 billion) allow rapid and easy world-wide sharing of images, video and text. Although with Tumblr, like Pinterest, most content shared actually originates with someone else.

Online Multimedia is big business because it gives constant access to consumers. There is a constant thirst for new content. This gives businesses with a little imagination a new opportunity to connect with customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising.

This link will take you to a Vine Video by Lowes, a DIY store (or home improvement). It’s a short 6 seconds showing how to ‘fix’ a stripped screw using an elastic band. Also, it is a great example of how a ‘non-media’ brand can exploit multimedia.

Vine like Instagram is primarily targeted at smartphone users. Increasingly it is from these smaller form factor devices that customers are consuming information from. As genres the videos and images on these platforms challenge much of the conventional thinking on using movies and images in marketing, which is opening up new opportunities.

There are some problems with Vine, it is a new service and something we are increasingly seeing in the Digital world it is very much part of a ‘walled garden’. Vine is orientated around Twitter and is a ‘mobile first’ experience. Which means that its use outside of Twitter is limited as is its relevance to desktop experiences.

So for business looking to market with multimedia technologies the downside of all this ‘free technology’ is the cost of multiple platforms to deal with.

For smaller businesses the only realistic solution is to be selective. Decide where your market is and focus on that but do keep an eye on alternatives. For larger businesses that may well be the right decision too; however there will be the added pressure of rivals setting up strong presences on new platforms and gaining extra presence where you have none.

And get used to being filmed.

For business that want to get more from Digital Video Marketing and Images then 3 Sheep is here to help. Whether it is advice on your new Vine or Instagram video campaign or how to make sure you are using the right SEO approach on your Flickr page we will make sure your Digital Strategy is cohesive and business focused.

3 Sheep are here to help you work out the best ways to approach Mulitmedia Online Marketing and connect with your customers in new ways. contact us online or call 3 Sheep’s Chief Shepherd, Stuart Smith on 0161 408 6626.

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