Case Study: Promotional Video Production and Distribution

3 Sheep are proud to have partnered with healthcare technology innovators Aida Technology, creating a promotional video for their FusedHealth product, which was used in a funding competition.

Aida Technology approached 3 Sheep to create an engaging promotional video and also to digitally distribute the film to maximise its exposure online ahead of the investment competition. As we are experienced providers of video services for promotional events and product launches, we were only too glad to help.

Video Production

3 Sheep managed the production of the video, incorporating the following tasks:

  • Presentation coaching – Ensuring smooth delivery from the video’s presenters.
  • Script Writing – Making sure that the message of the video was clear, concise and rich in keywords to help with video search engine optimisation, the part of the video that online search engines like Google see.
  • Filming – Members of 3 Sheep’s professional rapid response video team were on hand to shoot high quality video
  • Editing – 3 Sheep also edited the video ensuring that the film tells a memorable story.

Video Distribution

In addition to video production, 3 Sheep are also experts in distributing video via digital channels as part of a wider digital marketing campaign. Producing an engaging, memorable video is one thing but without expert, intelligent digital distribution, a video will not reach the widest possible audience.

3 Sheep used their expert knowledge of video search engine optimisation to make the video as discoverable online as possible through video services like Vimeo and YouTube and Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The result of this video production and digital marketing campaign was that this promotional film was one of the top viewed videos in the competition, clearly explaining the FusedHealth concept and raising the profile of Aida Technology online.

Stuart Smith Founder and Chief Shepherd 3 Sheep Could your business benefit from 3 Sheep’s video production and digital distribution expertise? Would you like to discuss some of the services highlighted in this case study? If so, then contact us online or call 3 Sheep’s Chief Shepherd, Stuart Smith on 0161 408 6626.



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