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Helen Phillips interviewed by 3 Sheep

3 Sheep filming interviews at the MCMA launch event

3 Sheep are proud to have partnered with Manchester Creative and Media Academy (MCMA),  creating a school mobile phone app and undertaking digital marketing tasks for the App’s launch.

MCMA is a progressive and tech savvy school that recently moved to new £38m building and at the same time embarked on a digital strategy, aligning themselves with Manchester City Council’s vision of a Digital City.

Here is our case study detailing the delivery of their mobile phone app and related digital marketing.

Requirements Gathering

From the initial request to build an app, 3 Sheep carried out a series of workshops and interviews with MCMA staff and pupils to turn their ideas into a clear set of achievable requirements. The resulting iOS app would:

  • Help students adapt to life in their new school building.
  • Facilitate communication between school teachers, pupils, parents and the wider community.
  • Give students real-world experience of app design and development.
  • Provide a fun, useful tool that would help reinforce the new digital strategy of the school.
  • Raise the profile of the school by creating the App.
  • Provide digital marketing support for the App’s launch.
MCMA App by 3 Sheep

The MCMA App


3 Sheep set to work producing a specification, including a list of features, diagrams of how the the apps would work and initial wireframes (drawings of what the app screens may look like). Features included:

  • An interactive school map.
  • QR code technology providing building orientation and digital resources for the classroom.
  • A digital homework diary.
  • Mobile optimised news feeds with related WordPress infrastructure.

App Development

3 Sheep’s expert team of designers and developers then started creating the app, providing a clear delivery schedule and regular progress updates for their client.

We also held an icon design workshop to give pupils real life experience of the app development process, allowing them to suggest designs for the icons in the App.

Digital Marketing

With the App complete, the next task was to publicise it at a launch event. 3 Sheep’s Digital Marketing Production team swung into action, before, during and after the event. With expertise in video and photography production and digital distribution, along with social media, blogging and press release experience, we created a digital campaign to support the launch of the app that included:

  • Live social media launch event coverage across all main channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest, including images.
  • Video production, editing and digital distribution, including interviews with key stakeholders at the launch event.
  • Photography, editing and full digital distribution, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at the launch event.
  • Speech writing consultation and coaching for the launch event keynote speakers.
  • Blogging and a related social media campaign, pre and post launch to make the event visible and discoverable, across Internet channels.
  • Press release creation and distribution.
  • Press interviews to raise profile and explain the app’s significance.

Results for Our Client

There is nothing more rewarding than a client telling us that they have ‘enjoyed’ working with us. In this case careful planning and professional implementation enabled us to deliver the following benefits for our client, provoking just such positive comments:

  • An innovative iPhone App, supporting their wider digital and marketing strategies.
  • A strong promotional video to showcase the school to prospective students and parents.
  • ‘Real world’ experience for pupils who took part in the design workshop.
  • A positive feature article in the local daily press.
  • Increased digital, online presence through video, blogging and social media.

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