3 Sheep Signatures for WordPress

3 Sheep Signatures for WordPress3 Sheep is proud to announce 3 Sheep Signatures, a FREE and easy to use WordPress plugin for including signatures in posts and pages. The plugin allows you create and maintain a number of individual signatures that can be added into posts and pages using short codes.

Frequent blogging and the regular addition of new content to your website are essential tools in the process of making your website discoverable. However, our experience indicates that although many companies are resourcing these strategies to drive traffic to their website, there is a need to go one stage further. New content should be accompanied by a strong call to action to convert website visits into results like sales and inquiries.

3 Sheep Signatures is an easy to use tool that allows you to quickly sign off a blog posts or page with such a call to action. With 3 Sheep Signatures, you can quickly link to contact details, key information and the profiles of your company’s thought leaders, all of which can build the trust and credibility that encourages potential customers to ‘respond now’.

Download 3 Sheep Signatures for FREE

To find out more about how 3 Sheep could help your website work harder for your company, contact 3 Sheep’s Chief Shepherd Stuart Smith via our contact page.

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