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What we do

3 Sheep are on a mission

Our team is dedicated to leading business clients out of the digital world of fragmentation and misinformation and into a new world of clarity and easily understood business-led opportunities.

We’ll help you look at technology differently

Discover an amazing digital ecosystem without compartments – where web apps (the high end of websites), Web TV, mobile apps, mobile web apps and social commerce all exist as inter-related elements capable of working together to deliver powerful benefits. These include measurable ways to make you money, save you money, or both.

We add value. Again and again and again.

There are many people around who’ll ‘create’ a website for you at a cheap package price. Then you’re on your own. 3 Sheep, on the other hand, operate in a totally different space.

When is a website not a website?

When it’s a web app. Conventional, bargain-basement websites are generally one-dimensional. They’re effectively no more than a static piece of brochureware to be viewed online. Sites that rise above this very basic level are increasingly known as ‘web apps’.

Web apps are websites that engage on many levels

Web apps provide a much richer internet experience for visitors. They can offer video along with social elements like live Twitter feeds. They can even deliver the client’s own TV channel.

We can also tell you about the business benefits of so-called ‘mash-ups’. These are web apps that pull together existing elements from all over the web – things like YouTube footage and social networking feeds – ‘mashing’ them together to create a new entity.

We’re dedicated to giving you a harder working web presence

For example:

  • We’ll make sure your site works as well on every kind of smartphone as it does on a desktop computer
  • We can help you make Video SEO knock spots off the text-based SEO used by your competitors
  • Your digital activity will be properly maintained to ensure a consistent identity across all the devices your customers are using
  • You’ll receive regular management reports that show you measurable performance benefits
  • You’ll be offered the latest, business-led ideas from our award-winning development team

In other words, we’re not about bargain-basement websites with suspect coding and nothing else. We’re about adding serious value to the digital operations of businesses who are serious about growth.

Apps for all

Already well established in the consumer marketplace, apps are now an increasingly powerful tool to engage business customers. At 3 Sheep we’re developing apps that work on specific smartphones, or apps that run on any smartphone regardless of make, helping to take your business communication into the next dimension.

To chat about all the value we add, contact us online or call the team on +44 (0) 161 408 6626.