Fearless explorers
of the Digital Universe

Once upon a time there were 3 very unusual sheep

While the flock went on doing the same old things, these 3 Sheep took off to explore the furthest reaches of the Digital Universe. Out there, in uncharted territory, they're pushing the limits of digital possibility to help your business make money, save money, or both - as 3 Sheep´s clients will tell you.

App Development

  • Hairdressing App – Perm African-Type Hair

    3 Sheep has released a new video for its Hairdressing Video Tutor, iPhone app. The App enables you to watch hairdressing video tutorials and assess your hair knowledge with an in-app test.
    Watch or download this new video in-app to learn how to perm African-type hair. Share this hairstyle tutorial with friends and colleagues by sending them a link to the app.
    Download Hairdressing Video Tutor FREE ...read more

Case Study

  • Case Study: Expert Digital Marketing Production

    3 Sheep filming interviews at the MCMA launch event
    3 Sheep are proud to have partnered with Manchester Creative and Media Academy (MCMA),  creating a school mobile phone app and undertaking digital marketing tasks for the App’s launch.
    MCMA is a progressive and tech savvy school that recently moved to new £38m building and at the same time embarked on a digital strategy, aligning themselves with Manchester ...read more

Digital Business

  • Retail Innovate or Die

    I remember the first time we rented a movie to watch at home. Going to the video store, picking a tape putting it in to the video recorder and pressing play. It was exciting, movies I wanted to watch (or more accurately back then my parents let me watch) when I wanted to. It disrupted things.
    Suddenly instead of having to go the cinema to see ...read more